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Mini Marketing

Anyone interested in marketing will appreciate that Mini’s marketing team redefined a common term and made it their own.

My License Plate

This is why I drive with this plate.

Here are some excerpts from Mini’s original marketing materials:

Motoring is the enlightened form of driving. It is about exploration, discovery and exhilaration. MINI is the perfect car for exploration; Motoring in a MINI feels more like riding a motorcycle than driving an SUV. It’s about going from A to Z instead of just A to B: taking the long road home, just for the fun of it.

Motoring is all-inclusive – it is genderless, ageless and is not concerned with social status. MINI is a unique car in terms of driving appeal, looks and size, and as such is deserving of its own term for ‘going’. In looking for this new word, … The invitation to go motoring is ‘Let’s Motor’. Historically, ‘motoring’ has British overtones, which calls on the MINI heritage, although it has primarily been chosen as it represents MINI’s spirit of action and adventure.

Motoring can be further defined by comparing it to driving. While driving as a term is about cars and the road, Motoring is a unifying religion, a new more enlightened form of driving that takes advice from the backseat and let’s people in our lanes. When one drives a MINI, one’s outlook on life changes. And so the world becomes a better place…