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Animoto Videos

We’ve used Animoto for some time to put music to photographs. Notwithstanding that some of these are like ancient history now, the results can be fun. Here are a few of them. To start one, just click on the triangle..

London 2005

Portugal 2005

I lived in Portugal in 1974 and again in 1978. While I had been back in 1983 and then in 1991 with Susan, our trip in 2005 was the first time I had been able to take my whole family back. We were able to see my Portuguese family and several parts of Portugal that I had never visited.

South Dakota and the Badlands 2009

I had never been to South Dokota, nor had a reason to go, but in doing some genealogy work I discovered a family history there. So, we decided to detour there as part of our summer vacation trip to Yellowstone and the Tetons.  The kids were pretty gracious to put up with my desire to go. Also on this clip are the Badlands and Mount Rushmore.

Cody and Yellowstone 2009

We enjoyed the rodeo and the museums in Cody very much, and then went on to Yellowstone.  At the rodeo, an old-timer saw us taking pictures and invited Austin and me to go down next to the chutes so we could get some better close-ups.

Tetons and Jackson Hole 2009

Taylor’s Unintentional Requiem

A few years ago I put some childhood pictures to music. The result was this video, which ultimately I decided looks either like a requiem for the dead.  At least, as of writing this, I’m not dead yet. Maybe I should have picked more upbeat music!

Austin’s Summer in Whistler, B.C. (2012)

Austin spent the summer of 2012 working and living in Whister, B.C.

Family Vacation to Mexico 2012

Great time in Mexico!